Energy1 Asia focus on providing trainings & technical Consultancy services. We help decision makers apply high level technical expertise to  their daily task and strategic issues across a host of industries and disciplines including energy, manufacturing , mining, Aviation, Food & Beverage, Water treatment. With this, we had successfully made impact to Energy professional mainly the Top 50 Energy players in the Asia Pacific Region

Sales & Marketing
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Posted 6 years ago
们正在寻找热爱销售及喜欢中文的伙伴,最主要是你们希望通过自己设定的目标来决定自己的收入. JOB DESCRIPTION: 公司销售的角色需要通过电话进行互动(高达95%),销售需要根据所分配的项目来收集质料,管理销售周期的全过程,咨询以关闭销售机会。 您必须很乐意打电话才能在此角色中取得成功,这个角色要求你用至少70%的中文沟通。 们提供:
  • 薪酬方案包括基薪及诱人的佣金 • 无限制的佣金 • 现金奖励每月高达1,000令吉 • 努力的销售人员的年收入大约:** (Year 1) SGD $24,000 ** (Year 2) SGD $35,000 公司文化: • 奖励高绩效者 • 每月激励 • 工作与生活的平衡谁应申请
  • 新毕业生. • 任何想要设定自己收入的成功人士请注意,寻求技术/工程职位的候选人不适合此职位到达公司的公共交通
  • MRT / Bus : Stesen Mutiara Damansara “ PINTU C ”.
  • Take 809 Bus and stop and Perdana shopping centre.
如果您认真想要当成功的销售人士,并希望通过自己设定自己收入。请你把你的申请/简历邮件给我们或致电以获取更多信息   REQUIREMENT: 基本要求: • 流利的中文(不需要非常好,但自信是必须的) • 拥有优越的影响力和丰富的说话技巧 • 喜欢与陌生人沟通及优越的沟通能力 • 雄心勃勃,有竞争力,独立及精力充沛 • 能够在有限的监督下完成工及在限期内完成所有复杂的工作。  
Digital Marketing
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Posted 6 years ago
What We Offer:
  • Compensation package comprises of base salary, aggressive and competitive commission.
  • Cash incentive up to MYR 1,000 per month.
  • Support list of campaigns with a sizeable of relevant target audience through B2B online leads generation platform (Such as Linkedin and etc).
  • Increase the number of clients based on demographics of countries, industry, jobtitles and nature of business.
  • Define and develop an understanding towards complicated structure, hierarchy, chain of command, departments, jobtitles, geography and nature of business of energy companies.
  • Increase and expand acquisition outreach of clients towards Asia Pacific Market (China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and etc.)
  • Segment the targeted groups according to their demographics.
  • Pre - Qualify acquired leads that tailored towards driving conversion (sales).
  • Analyze engagement report and make recommendation for improvement . (Find out what’s working and what's selling (and what’s not).

Job Requirements

This role require strong familiarity in online research and prospecting:
  • Good understanding and up-to-date with online tools and platforms.
  • Experience in online prospecting strategies.
  • You need to be excel literacy.
  • Strong command in keywords. (You will have to know the art and science of keywords Research)
  • Posses strong reading skills.
  • Fast and Metrics- Minded.
  • Curiosity characteristic.
  • Self - Motivated, Independently and Great communication skills.
  • Brief experience in handling CRM systems or related software applications.
  • Applicants who previously work as a leads generation position may apply.
  • Previously held Telesales position who knows how to generate their own leads.
  • Has a minimum of 2-3 years of working experience in a CRM & Email marketing role (ideally B2B).
  • Candidates previously held position such as: Telesales / Telemarketing, Talent acquisition, Marketing (Digital) and Market Research will be suitable for this role.

Job Features

Job CategoryBusiness
Sales & Marketing
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Posted 6 years ago
The Corporate telesales executive role requires significant interaction over the telephone (95%)  which involves crucial data gathering relevant to energy programme assigned, managing full process of sales cycle, cold calling, consultation to closing sales opportunities.
You must be comfortable with making calls in order to be successful in this role.
What We Offer:
  • Compensation package comprises of base salary, very aggressive uncapped commission.
  • Uncapped earning potential.
  • Cash incentive up to MYR 1,000 per month.
  • Successful candidates will realistically expect to earn in:
    • ** (Year 1) SGD$24,000
    • ** (Year 2) SGD$35,000 
Office culture:
  • Reward high performer
  • Monthly Incentive.
  • Work life balance.
Who should apply:
  • Fresh graduates.
  • Anyone who wants to take control of their own earnings.
Please note that candidates who are looking for technical / engineering position are not suitable for this position.
Public Transportation to get here:
  • MRT / Bus : Stesen Mutiara Damansara “ PINTU C ”.
  • Take 809 Bus and stop and Perdana shopping centre.
  • Fluent English speakers (No need to be perfect but confidence is a must).
  • Possess excellent influence and affluent telephone set skills.
  • Talkative and good communication skills are preferred.
  • Ambitious, competitive, hands-on and energetic.
  • Able to communicate and write in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. (No need to be perfect but confidence is a must).
  • A self-starter with the ability to work to deadlines and prioritise a complex workload with limited supervision
If you are serious about sales and would like to take control of your own earnings, please submit your application / CV online with a cover letter and please call to get more information.

Job Features

Job CategoryBusiness

You must be comfortable with making calls in order to be successful in this role.

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