MRO Master Data Analysis (RCSS)

MRO Master Data Analysis

All datasets that we have reviewed to date, have had issues in the key areas of cataloguing, duplicates, BOMs, stock levels – thus leading to excess inventory and costs.

Our MRO master data analysis (RCSS) approach will focus on short description, manufacturer’s part numbers and finding duplicates.

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Let us carry out an analysis of your inventory data remotely:

  • All you need to do is download your inventory data to MS Excel and send it to us.
  • A template will be provided by us.
  • On receipt we will migrate the data to our database analysis tools and we will prepare a presentation of our findings and recommendations

We have now expanded our horizon of latest technology, technical capabilities, management and strategy advancements in our training services to include remote consultancy support services (RCSS) to provide total offerings in the area of consultancy.

To learn more about our Remote Consultant support services (RCSS), please contact us at or +603 7727 3952

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