Leading Practices in Asset Management For Transmission & Distribution


23rd May, 2019 - 24th May, 2019

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Leading Practices in Asset Management For Transmission & Distribution

Master best practices and leading practices in Asset Management for transmission & distribution


Faced with complicated transmission and distribution systems and limited O&M budgets, utilities are being pressed to optimize their asset management investments while facing heavy scrutiny from both internal and external stakeholders. This 2 days program focuses on real experiences shared with attendees so they will leave with understanding of asset management approaches and methodologies to address problematic system components and justify their maintenance decisions to management, regulators, and external stakeholders.

The trainer will be discussing how composite health index of an asset (Examples: Transformer and others) takes into account condition of individual components comprising it. Focus on how replace vs refurbish decisions are made and what "actions" are available to deal with problematic assets (replacement is NOT the only option).

Best and leading practices in asset management and strategic investment making decision are at the program’s core and will be discussed throughout with a focus on getting the most out of your assets for the least cost this increasing their value. Developing an asset health monitoring framework for measuring, tracking and monitoring value creation will be highlighted as well.

Throughout the 2 days course the trainer will be asking participants to share their experience regarding various topics and will encourage them to question how they would use what they are learning in their organizations.

Designed For

This course provides participants with the knowledge of how Asset Management approaches and methodologies that are applied in electrical utilities (both transmission and distribution) and is aimed at utility engineers, asset managers and staff dealing with regulatory and financial side of utilities business:

  • Utility Asset Managers
  • Utility Engineers
  • Utility T&D planners
  • Utility executives dealing with budgeting and corporate level decisions.
  • Grid Strategy Manager
  • Reliability engineers and managers
  • Risk managers
  • First Line field supervisors
  • Operators
  • Equipment maintenance engineers benefit form understanding how and what they do fits into Asset Management decision making process.

You will Learn

  • Challenges and benefits of Asset Management approach.
  • Assessing condition of T&D assets using Health Indexing.
  • Discuss on performance metrics, performance management strategies, and determining the levers that can be used to best improve operating performance to some extent: improved operating performance is one of several other drivers for making investments.
  • Understanding how risk assessment is used in identifying assets that require attention.
  • End-of-life decisions: replace or refurbish?
  • Asset Management Plan structure.
  • Prioritizing big projects and annual programs across different asset categories.
  • Using criticality Matrices as a measure of failure impact with environment being one of the criticality factors along with safety.
  • Identifying assets that need to be dealt with should be based on their condition and not their age: how do we to estimate asset condition based on available data and information?
  • Some assets should be replaced BEFORE they fail while other could be run to failure: how these different approaches are used in developing Flagged for Action Plan?
  • Investment decisions have to be driven by reducing risks to corporate business values: how do we structure investment portfolios to mitigate the most risk within the prescribed investment envelop?


  • Overall Asset Condition Assessment Process
  • Identifying Assets Groups for Assessment
  • Condition Data and Condition Criteria
  • Health Indexing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Asset Management Corporate Strategy Hierarchy
  • Strategic Tools
  • Asset Management Maturity and Current Developments


  • Expert with over 35 years experiences in all areas of electrical utilities.
  • Recognized expert in all aspects of Asset Management, both equipment-focused involving assessing condition of equipment, and strategy-focused involving providing guidance to utilities’ senior executives on corporate level Asset Management issues, such as investments prioritization, long-term capital planning, and providing support and advice in dealing with regulatory bodies.
  • Previously worked in different areas of the electrical utility transmission and distribution business, including transmission lines maintenance, power system operations, bulk and local systems planning, M&A, regulatory affairs, and asset management.
  • Canadian Representative, CIGRE Study Committee SC1 “System Development and Economics”.

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