Battery Energy Storage System

Kuala Lumpur

26th Jun, 2023 - 27th Jun, 2023

1 Participant

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SGD 2,799

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29th Jun, 2023 - 30th Jun, 2023

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Battery Energy Storage System

Provide a thorough understanding of the fundamentals and key drivers resulting in the rapid growth of energy storage on global power grids.


Battery storage is a technology whose time has finally arrived in many markets across the globe. Implementations are increasing, with storage addressing multiple problems and opportunities across the power grid, and use cases are abounding – both for utility-scale and behind-the-meter applications.

In recent applications, storage has been used:

  • As a peaking resource
  • To firm up renewable projects
  • To support electric vehicle charging
  • To help end-use customers minimize exposure to costs

As costs continue their decline, a dramatic upsurge in storage deployments will transform various aspects of the electric power industry.

This 2 days Masterclass will give an in-depth overview of battery storage, including definitions, technologies, applications and business models. We will be looking at not just lithium-ion applications - although they will dominate - but also long duration technologies such as liquid air, compressed air, elevated weights, and flow batteries.

In addition, it will address important relationships between battery storage and its interaction with other resources on the grid as the power grid evolves. Content will also include the pricing and regulatory issues that impact how storage is deployed. It will look at how battery storage is providing services into wholesale power markets, how it is being used as a tool for utility system management, and how it is being utilized by end use customers. Attendees will learn about the application of battery storage across the globe, with a focus on the U.S. , China, Australia and key Asean market.

This masterclass will address state-of-the art concepts, and challenges for the energy industry to successfully utilize and optimize battery and energy storage as part of their energy portfolio and resource mix.

Designed For

This training course will be valuable to professionals who is not already an expert in energy storage but wants to understand how it can be applied to the grid and why it is a resource they will be ubiquitous in power grids all across the world in the coming decade. Participants will understand many of the distinctions they don’t have time to learn in their day-to-day careers; they will gain an understanding of some of the latest use cases and business models; they will better understand why this market is going to grow exponentially in the next decade.

  • Power Generation, Transmission and distribution companies who want to better understand the value of attaching batteries to renewables projects, with examples from projects all over the world.
  • Project developers and administrators
  • Investors / Business Development
  • EPCs
  • Project Engineers and managers / Installers / Designers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Government policy makers and Regulators
  • Sustainability professionals

You will Learn

  • Review the history of the electric utility industry’s engagement with energy storage to date.
  • Identify the various storage technologies, and the performance and cost issues related to each battery storage medium
  • Review methods of storage deployment to date, including managing peak demand, frequency regulation, demand response, demand management, renewables firming, hybrid generation, arbitrage, and infrastructure support
  • Review statistics on energy storage in today’s market and future projections
  • Discuss the issues related to dominant lithium ion technologies, including cost curves, supply chain efficiencies, and potentially constraining limitations on cobalt
  • Discuss the role of regulators at various levels in promoting energy storage
  • Discuss permitting issues, especially as they relate to safety
  • Examine best methods for implementing battery storage as a useful resource in utility portfolio planning, with specific reference to various utility projects
  • Discuss project sizing, especially ratios of energy to capacity
  • Highlight competitive market issues related to each storage technology and prospects for future growth with an emphasis on batteries
  • Review platforms used to help aggregate and integrate battery storage into the grid


  • The Big Picture: Energy Storage to Date, Applications, and Its Growing Role on the Grid Today
  • Battery Storage Technologies: Cost and Performance
  • Valuing Storage as a Resource in Utility Portfolio Planning
  • Deployment
  • Regulatory Framework: Policy and Rate Structures
  • Battery Storage and the Evolving Grid
  • End-of-Life Disposition
  • Battery Storage: Chemistries & Applications: Heading into the Future


  • 30 years of experience in the electric energy industry, with 15 years as an executive in competitive retail markets, since their inception in 1997.
  • currently advises technology companies and customers concerning the integration of energy- consuming and producing assets into the power grid.
  • Former SVP, a total of 15 years in retail energy at this Fortune 125 power company and its precursors(created a demand response unit within Constellation NewEnergy, and grew the business to 800 MW of dispatchable load; Led team developing and patenting VirtuWatt, the industry-leading real-time energy use and automated load control platform)
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