Chemical Cleaning of Boiler System (Practical Guide from start to Finish)

Virtual instructor-led (VILT)

25th Apr, 2022 - 26th Apr, 2022

1 Participant

12:30 – 17:00 (GMT+8)

2 or more

4 Hours/Day

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Chemical Cleaning of Boiler System (Practical Guide from start to Finish)

A practical guide on chemical cleaning processes for boilers from start to finish


Chemical cleaning can play an important role in boiler maintenance. Proper chemical cleaning removes deposits from the inside of boiler tubes which improves the boiler heat rate, reduces tube failures and improves the stability of boiler chemistry.

Most boiler operators have limited experience, due to the fact that chemical cleaning does not happen often (usually 1-2 in the lifetime of a boiler). Chemical cleaning is a nasty process, filling your boiler with hot acid, so you better make sure it is done properly.

A practical guide on chemical cleaning processes for boilers from start to finish: These 2 half-days Online Virtual instructor-led Training (VILT) will focus on 2 parts: the Chemical cleaning best practices and decision process (2) Chemical handling. The virtual training begins with how and determining When to Clean, selecting a chemical cleaning service company, good preparation and understanding what solvent to use to clean the boiler (advantages and the disadvantages of each solvent).

This will follow by monitoring and evaluation of result during and after the process such as Maintaining selected cleaning parameters (temperature, circulation), progress of cleaning (e.g. iron content in cleaning fluid) and preservation of base metal (inhibitor effectiveness).

The instructor will further discuss “special cleaning processes” such as out of the ordinary situations, where standard operating procedures cannot be applied just like that. Further examples where extra care had to be taken to prevent damages. Lastly, Environmental effects of spent cleaning fluid, concerns/permitting from authorities and waste handling options.

The course focusses to all kinds of water/steam boiler systems that are made of (mostly) carbon steel and copper.

These 2 days virtual training will provide boiler operator more about insight in the process and that such insight increases the ability to prepare, select the proper supplier and cleaning processes and have the ability to validate the process and results. This will be augmented by case studies.

Designed For

This comprehensive virtual course will be valuable to professionals who work with power plant boilers, Ultra Supercritical boilers, HRSGs and other high-temperature boilers that can be found in the power industry, oil & gas plants, refineries, chemical & petrochemical plants, fertilizer & process industries. This virtual course is a must for all chemists and boiler engineers.
  • Boiler Engineers
  • Power Plant Chemists/Chemical analysts
  • Engineers involved in the operation and maintenance of power plants.
  • Managers / Maintenance personnel / Technicians
  • Other technical individuals are involved in the integrity management of the boiler.
  • Operators and maintenance personnel of other energy intensive industry operating large boiler systems.

You will Learn

  • Insight in early warning signals for the need of chemical cleaning
  • Understanding of the separate steps in a chemical cleaning process
  • Understand the important success factors for a chemical clean
  • Insight on how to monitor the success of a chemical clean
  • Understanding of the criteria on which to select the cleaning process/fluids
  • Criteria for procurement for a chemical cleaning service supplier


Best practices and decision-making process:
  • Purpose of Chemical cleaning
  • Necessity of Chemical Cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning guidelines
  • Steps in a chemical cleaning processes
  • Preparation work for a chemical clean
  • Important factors in the cleaning process
  • Flushing
Chemical handling:
  • Alkaline boil-out
  • Acid clean (Understanding what solvent to use to clean the boiler)
  • Passivation
  • Steam-blowing
  • Monitoring of the cleaning process (progress/efficiency)
  • Evaluation of results
  • Special cleaning processes (superheaters, vulnerable materials, nuclear)
  • Waste handling


  • Over 30 years of experiences in experience in power and process plant failures, corrosion mechanisms and corrosion prevention.
  • Senior consultant for chemistry of water/steam (high pressure water/steam systems)
  • Former Global Director Power Generation & Renewables with KEMA (now DNV)
  • Worked extensively in an international context (more than 40 countries)
  • A great deal of experience with VGB and EPRI guidelines, and has been active on several technical groups, developing and reviewing such guidelines.
  • Currently working with clients like UNIPER, Shell, Tennet and others on steam power chemistry issues, such as corrosion and boiler tube failure investigations, operations and mothballing

Online – Virtual instructor-led

ENERGY1 ASIA Virtual instructor-led Training (ONLINE)

Due to the recent developments with COVID-19 we have, for the health and safety of our speakers and attendees, our selected multi-day courses will be delivered live online led by experience practitioners. This will enable you to experience a similar engagement experience to our successful traditional classroom setting which includes exercises, answering your question and provide feedback – all without having to travel anywhere!

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