Digital Utility : Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics and Life management of Power Transformers


12th Jul, 2023 - 14th Jul, 2023

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17th Jul, 2023 - 19th Jul, 2023

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Digital Utility : Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics and Life management of Power Transformers

New perspective on transformer life management by “remote monitoring” and controlling moisture and oxygen of its insulation system.


The primary focus of the 3-day In Person Masterclass will be on the sources, causes, and effects of moisture & oxygen on transformer insulation life and incipient failure modes. It will be demonstrated that laboratory periodic oil analysis is limited and not always adequate, while continuous online monitoring has increasing potential and many significant advantages.

Remote monitoring & diagnostic:

With the increasing demand for uninterrupted electric supply, expansion of existing transmission & distribution infrastructure and continuous pressure to reduce operation and maintenance costs, online transformer monitoring solutions market is expected to experience substantial growth during the next decade. Transition to digital utility (smart grid, industry 4.0, etc) is imminent and it is hard to imagine that in the very near future engineers will not be exposed to online monitoring of their essential assets, such as transformers, power lines and substation switchgear. As technology keeps evolving with new features (communication protocols, sensors, advanced analytics, etc) on a daily basis, the trainer will be discussing new ways of data management and delivery, complementing traditional SCADA with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with the emphasis on architecture, reliability, and security. Successful implementation of online monitoring, fault identification, and isolation, transformer life extension will also be covered by the trainer.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience real-time monitoring as the trainer will demonstrate the IIoT based transformer monitoring system - the first in the world, which uses non-conventional innovative methods for temperature, moisture and oil quality monitoring.

The course is filled with numerous case studies, practical industry examples, and real-time monitoring demonstrations. Participants will be able to expand on the knowledge gained elsewhere and will develop a new perspective on the whole subject of transformer life cycle management.

Designed For

This 3-day Masterclass is intended for those working in the asset management of the electrical plant, project management and design of high voltage substations and will provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of moisture phenomenon in large power transformers as well as advances in online transformer condition monitoring:
  • Electrical asset engineer/manager who wants a broader and more in-depth understanding of maintenance needs and failure modes.
  • Anyone who is interested in understanding problems and solutions associated with managing key assets of an electric utility.
  • Anyone who is involved in developing and implementing life maintenance strategies of transformers.
  • Utility engineers, managers, technical officers and technicians, business & strategy staff, regulatory compliance staff, IT and OT staff and all those involved in day-to-day asset management.
  • All levels who have an interest in intelligent transformer monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Utility R&D involved in developing new technologies for condition-based maintenance and operation of the electric plants.
  • Maintenance Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers, Facilities Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers,Utility Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers, Plant Maintenance Head, Plant Supervisors/ Managers/ Engineers , Electrical Maintenance Managers/ Engineers, Electrical and Test Managers/ Engineers, Head of Engineering, Manufacturing and Production Managers/Supervisors/Engineers, Operations Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers.

You will Learn

  • A better understanding of sources of moisture and oxygen found in transformers.
  • New parameters used for moisture assessment.
  • Seven myths of moisture assessment are still believed to be a reality.
  • New methods of transformer dehydration and gas removal.
  • A connection of moisture parameters and oil quality.
  • What needs to be monitored?
  • Health indices and their most relevant use.
  • New diagnostic methods that cannot be found in any other course, standards or guidelines.
  • The transformer’s enemies are in check.
  • Smart sensors for Internet of Transformer Things.
  • Machine learning for transformer monitoring and diagnostics.


Online Transformer Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • What is online continuous monitoring?
  • Why online monitoring (OM)?
  • What transformer components to monitor?
  • Which parameters could and should be monitored?
  • Life management of transformers
  • Health Indexing and ranking
  • IEEE, IEC and CIGRE guidelines and standards related to monitoring, diagnostics, and life management of power transformers
  • Diagnostic methods and algorithms for Online Monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring and thermal models
  • LTC tap position and motor current monitoring
  • Bushing’s leakage current, capacitance and DDF models
  • Electrical and acoustic PD monitoring
  • Secondary distribution transformer monitoring
  • Big data, Machine Learning and AI for Online Monitoring.
  • The business case for online monitoring: Costs and benefits of online monitoring.
  • Information communication for Online Monitoring – past, present and future.
  • Online monitoring (OM) and Smart Grid – Does OM make transformer smarter?
  • Online monitoring and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Online monitoring equipment markets and trends
  • How to choose the right vendor for your online monitoring needs?
  • On-line moisture monitoring
  • On-line drying of oil-filled transformers
On-line moisture and secondary distribution transformers monitoring
  • Water in Transformers - So What?
  • Many Faces of Water in transformers
  • Sources of water contamination
  • Moisture equilibrium in paper/oil system
  • IEEE and IEC Guidelines on water in transformers
  • Prevention of water ingress
  • Field experience with online transformer monitoring: Case studies


  • Over 30 years’ experience in the field of diagnostics, monitoring and life management of the electrical plants.
  • Inventor and developer of insulating liquid quality continuous monitoring system.
  • Founder and managing director of a company (Emphasis on continuous online monitoring and diagnostics of power transformers).
  • Sought after speaker and active participant of many seminars and workshops about thermal performance and transformer moisture assessment and management.
  • Member of IEEE Transformer Committee, member of various CIGRE working groups. Author and co-author of over 20 technical publications.
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