Analyzing Cable & Switchgear Health: Classification, Defects, Assessment Strategies and Health Index

Ho Chi Minh

4th Oct, 2023 - 6th Oct, 2023

1 Participant

USD 1,999

2 Participant or more

USD 2,399

Early Bird Fee

Not Available


16th Feb, 2023 - 18th Feb, 2023

1 Participant

USD 2,199

2 or more

USD 2,499

Early Bird Fee

Not Available

Analyzing Cable & Switchgear Health: Classification, Defects, Assessment Strategies and Health Index

Enhance your expertise in Cable and Switchgear Health through our comprehensive training. Discover key insights into Classification, Defects, and Assessment strategies. Join us for in-person sessions and unlock the potential of your assets.


Cable Systems and Defects

These 3 days Masterclass start with by unraveling the complexity of cable systems, delving into their Components, Electrical Field Distribution, Voltage Line Distribution, Terminations/Joint Voltage Grading Systems, Design Characteristics, and Classification. The exploration extends to investigating potential Cable Defects, spanning Manufacturing, Installation, Environmental, and Operational factors, followed by navigating the sphere of Cable Maintenance Tests, comprehensively covering both External Insulation Tests with general procedures and data interpretation, as well as Main Insulation Tests.

In-Depth Diagnostics and Switchgear Insights

On Day 2, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of Diagnostic Tests, focusing on their Classification and specifically on External Insulation Diagnostic Testing. Through hands-on Practical Sessions, participants will perform External Insulation Tests on medium voltage cables to strengthen their skills. The assessment continues with Internal Insulation Diagnostic Testing, where unique aspects like defect types, theoretical explanations, steps, and result evaluation will be carefully studied. Participants will also enhance their practical expertise by conducting Internal Insulation Tests on medium voltage cables. This will smoothly lead to the exploration of Switchgear Characteristics, including Components, Design, Classification, and potential Defects related to Manufacturing, Installation, Environment, and Operation. These will follow by online and offline partial discharge assessment for both air-insulated and gas-insulated switchgear and highlight the significance of partial discharge pre-localization in the assessment process.

Maintenance and Health Index Evaluation

On the final day, the instructor will delve into Switchgear Maintenance Tests, focusing on Main Insulation Tests. You'll learn procedures, data interpretation, and key Assessment Strategies. This comprehensive approach covers System Life Stage, Rated Voltage, and Insulation Material considerations. It includes Commissioning Tests, Online/Offline Tests, and meticulous planning.

Participant will get the chance to explore Health Index Evaluation, grasp its Definition, and witness practical Calculation/Application using tools like Power Bi or similar. Culminate with an immersive Online Assessment of network cable and switchgear, seamlessly uniting theory and application.

Throughout the Masterclass, practical tools and best practices will equip participants to competently manage the condition of both cables and switchgear. In-depth coverage of diagnostic tests will enable comprehensive result evaluation, complemented by insightful case studies that exemplify real-world assessments.

Designed For

This comprehensive Masterclass will be valuable to professionals who work in the power industry, oil & gas plants, refineries, chemical & petrochemical plants, mining, manufacturing, fertilizer & process industries that uses Medium voltage, High voltage and Extra High voltage cable & Switchgear systems. It also applies to underground cables.
  • Electrical engineer
  • Service engineer & Testing Engineering
  • Project engineers / EPC Contractors
  • Engineering, Testing and Maintenance
  • Managers / Maintenance personnel / Technicians
  • Engineers who wish to learn how to assess the cable conditions.
  • Engineers who want to know how to assess their existing cables & Switchgear and also the test performed in the commissioning.
  • Anyone involves in HVAC cables, Extra High voltage, Medium voltage cable & Switchgear systems.

You will Learn

  • Cable & Switchgear classification
  • Main cable defects
  • Failure modes processes
  • Selection of the right diagnostic test
  • Diagnostic tests limitations & advantages
  • Test result evaluation
  • Condition assessment practice
  • Online & offline PD assessment – Air insulated & Gas insulated
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Health Index concept, including its definition, calculation, and strategic application for assessing asset health, as well as practical implementation using analytical tools like Power BI or similar, culminating in the ability to interpret and present Health Index data effectively.


  • Cable systems & Switchgear characteristic
  • Cable & Switchgear defects
  • Cable & Switchgear Maintenance Test
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Health Index Evaluation (Cable & Switchgear)


  • Principal Technical Authorities and an expert in Partial Discharge Testing.
  • Experience in Commissioning PD test assessment on HV Cables – Off-line / on-line test, PD test assessment on different assets – On-line/Off-line/ Laboratory test and Complete assessment on different assets – Off-line.
  • Performed over more than 200 commissioning, laboratory and PD test assessment: Off-line / On-line (Generators, Motors, HV/MV Cables, GIS Substation, HV Series Reactor, AIS/GIS Switchgears and Transformers (Oil Type / Dry Type- Cast Resin).
  • Provide PD Test Assessment on electrical Assets technical training.
  • Experience throughout Europe, USA, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Travelled extensively, technical training and performed Partial Discharge testing in many countries worldwide. (Europe, USA, Asia, and the Middle East.)

Online – Virtual instructor-led

This training is currently being offered in-person (face-to-face)
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