(HPI) Human Performance Improvement for Leaders (SG)


28th Jun, 2023 - 30th Jun, 2023

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(HPI) Human Performance Improvement for Leaders (SG)

Learn the process and techniques that unlocks human potential which emphasizes on safety and on human factors’ contribution to plant miss operation


Accident reports show that as many as 90% of industrial accidents have been attributed to human error. Data shows 94% of car accidents are caused by Human Error. Medical Human Error in hospitals is the 3rd leading cause of death. The average company wastes $637 per year per employee on human errors. For energy industry, that number is much higher. “Human error” is often attributed as the cause to most of our events, whether we are talking about injuries, equipment damage, unit trips, environmental releases, etc. This leaves everyone wondering, “How can we reduce events caused by human fallibility?” For too long, there hasn’t been a good answer to that question. Successful organizations need every advantage possible, including those provided by event prevention and operational learning to be profitable. As a result, over the past several years, several industries have been bringing together improvement, learning, and leadership concepts to form a holistic approach to create robust system integrity. Human Performance Improvement (HPI) is the application of principles and techniques specifically designed to reduce organizational events. Learning from failure, cognitive science, and the people that do the work can improve any process in any organization – large or small, public or private. We will learn how to leverage Human Performance to improve reliability, safety, and employee engagement After deploying a robust Human Performance Improvement effort, companies typically see more than a 40% decrease in human errors and the costs associated with them. The safety impacts are often even a quicker impact seeing a 50%-70% reduction in serious events. HPI is a proven strategy for reducing organizational events at all levels of the organization. This virtual training will give you the information you need begin incorporating HPI into your operating system. These 3 days in-person Masterclass will give you the information you need to start down that path and it will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to reduce events caused by human error in your organization, and it will enable you to be a better leader.

Designed For

Applicable to all levels in the organization. Beginner’s level will walk away with a very robust understanding of HPI. However, those who have some exposure to HPI will also benefit, because this course captures the best attributes of emerging HPI concepts from throughout the industry. Power generation, transmission, distribution and substations / Oil & Gas (E&P, Gas processing, Oil Refinery):
  • High Level and Mid-level Leaders (Directors, Managers, and Supervisors)
  • Plant Managers / Station Manager / Principal
  • Combustion turbine (Gas Turbines) / Hydro Operation / Thermal Assets / Renewable Energy
  • Maintenance / Rotating equipment / Machinery & Control / Maintenance Planner & Scheduler
  • Operational Experience / Operation Excellence / Operation Support / Operations / Shift Manager
  • Operation performance improvement / Centralized Operation planning
  • Advanced Process control (APC) / APC Liquefaction / Gas treating / Process operation
  • Electrical engineers / Instrument & Controls engineers / Protection & Control
  • Engineering / Central engineering / Civil engineering
  • Reliability Engineering (RCA) focus on Human Factors / Reliability Management / (Reliability) Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Outage / Outage Management contractors / Power generation service providers
  • Transmission and Distribution / Substation Technical Services Manager
  • Front-Line / Commissioning turnaround and governance
  • Safety Personnel / Process Improvement Leaders / Process Safety Management / Inspection
  • Human Resource Managers / Human performance / Business Process improvement / Risk Management
  • Organization Effectiveness / Culture Excellence / Organization improvement / Change Management
  • Organization possess CoE (Centre of Excellence) to enhance performance. (Maintenance Excellence)

You will Learn

  • Develop a broad and deep understanding of why and how people make mistakes and deviate from expectations within complex systems.
  • Discuss and apply a set of human error reduction tools, including:
  • Pre-Job Brief
  • Self-Check/TV-STAR
  • Post-Job Review
  • Stop When Unsure and Questioning Attitude
  • Procedure Use & Adherence with Place-Keeping.
  • Peer Check
  • Explore the most common reactions to failure and how those reactions usually guarantee recurrence.
  • Explore and apply a flexible and robust approach to event response that increases learning and engagement while decreasing the threat of recurrence
  • Apply all of the above through a series of dynamic learning activities and case studies


  • Overview of HPI
  • Human Performance Tools
  • How our Response to Failure Leads to More Failure
  • How our Response to Failure Leads to More Failure
  • How to Learn from Events
  • Case Studies
  • How to Implement Human Performance (Guide)


  • Principal Consultant: Operational Excellence and Human Performance of  an  integrated power producer in the United States with more than 41,000 MW of generation across 12 states serving nearly 3 million residential customers and 250,000 commercial customers) and a mining fleet.
  • Instrumental in the implementation of Human Performance Improvement at Luminant and assisted several other organizations in their HPI implementation strategies.
  • Primary author of Event Learning Process.
  • Primary content developer for HPI training courses over the last several years.
  • Served as a consultant, coach and educator to leaders and employees at some of the world’s best High Reliability Organizations.
  • Has worked with companies such as Luminant, HPRCT, Pacific Gas & Electric, American Electric Power, Westar energy, Portland General Electric and many more.
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