Improving Supplier Quality with a Modern Effective Approach (“Managing by Measurement”) Penang


26th Oct, 2023 - 27th Oct, 2023

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Improving Supplier Quality with a Modern Effective Approach (“Managing by Measurement”) Penang

Master and understand how to manage suppliers by measurement based and drive ‘true’ world class quality through the supply chain in a consistent manner.


Current Issues:

As many major companies are moving their Supply Chain out of China into Southeast Asia region, it poses a wide range of concerns to Procurement and Supplier Quality teams. To minimize risk in changing the supply chain requires a different way of thinking to be able to change sources in an organized and rapid manner and have minimal effect on business performance.

Supply Chain Quality is a very important area as companies cannot only rely on simple Audit, Incoming Quality Control, etc. to manage suppliers. Supplier visits / audits are all well and good, but do they truly bring sustainable quality improvement? As companies strive for ongoing cost reduction a much more detailed and ‘real-life’ awareness of supplier capability is imperative to minimise risk of changing suppliers or making major changes with existing ones. The key to improving Supplier Quality is developing a sequential set of detailed activities that clearly ‘reveal’ supplier’s true capability and provide suitable process reporting that clearly demonstrates a supplier’s ability to produce consistently high quality components / sub-assemblies / products. All Supplier Quality Engineers have knowledge on applying standard supplier audit methodology, but lack the ability to look deeply into supplier processes with the right tools to evaluate their capability. Setting up a new supplier or even changing management approach to existing suppliers requires the supplier QE to have a ‘toolkit’ to lead them through a proven and efficient method of maximising supplier quality and providing long term assurance via ‘virtual’ reporting. Supply Chain “Measurement Based” Masterclass (New Tools) This 2 days masterclass will show how to measure supplier quality escape rates from their own process data to allow true \\\'Risk Management' of the supplier and MINIMISE the level of ad-hoc firefighting which takes place much too often in the supply chain. The Instructor have developed a very effective ‘6 Step Supplier Process’ which has been used widely across many clients, leading to major reduction in supplier failure levels in all stages of the client’s manufacturing process and in the early life stage of end customer usage. In each of the above steps, many years of experience has been used to develop the 6 step approach that provides measurable outputs the supplier QE uses to benchmark suppliers and also drive continual improvement at existing ones. Total Measurement Tools Participant will received a wide range of the trainer self-developed Total measurement tools (Proven XL models) to evaluate and handle existing / new suppliers which they can start applying and modifying them to suit their own needs. This 2 days Masterclass is based on the trainer experience coaching many clients Supply Chain Quality people on making sure suppliers are objectively measured continuously in a step by step manner that involves a range of KPI's rarely used in supply chain quality management. This training will have a good balance of Practical and theory. Initial theory to set the scene goes quickly into multiple case studies so participants learn quickly how to do similar on their own supply chain.

Designed For

This Masterclass will teach new and experienced supply chain quality engineers / management how to assess new suppliers more effectively and understand existing supply chain 'true' quality capability as supplier quality extends into early life reliability. Applicable to both “Brand owners” and actual suppliers to major companies.
  • Supplier Quality engineers and Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Quality engineers / Managers / Directors
  • Procurement Managers / Directors
  • Customer account managers
  • Technical sourcing / procurement personnel
  • Personnel involved directly with suppliers from start up at a new supplier to improving existing suppliers.
  • Contract manufactures – CM are being given more and more responsibility for total quality as new start-up companies are only designers, hence need their CM’s to control part sourcing, Parts quality, total supply chain quality, process reliability, etc To do this the CM’s need a very thorough reporting model and ability to rate themselves internally to perform their own GAP analysis to improve further and support their customers totally. This will help them improve their competitiveness in appealing to their possible new customers.
Technical personnel, engineers type personnel will learn how to:
  • ‘Manage by Measurement’ and use quantifiable assessments of suppliers to REMOVE the normal ‘subjectivity’ of supplier audits / reviews.
  • shows the technical models required to make clear assessment of best suppliers and ensuring the best and most capable suppliers are selected based on ability to achieve World Class Quality and Reliability.
  • Enables engineers to be able to set up critical Questionnaires and Maturity rating processes to truly understand a supplier’s capability plus control New Product Introduction with a detailed and measured approach to ensure NO SURPRISES with new product mass production.
  • show how to set up an efficient Supplier Process Measurement model and reporting to enable strong VIRTUAL management of the supplier.
For the non-technical, procurement type personnel this Masterclass:
  • Shows why supplier rating and management is such an important model. Traditional supplier measurement has been handled with measuring factors such as on time delivery, order completeness, etc which have minimal effect on supplier quality performance, hence more is required.
  • Provides a good understanding for non-technical people who need to look at the ‘overall’ approach and how to combine with the standard measurement factors used to manage suppliers.
  • Show how to get best from suppliers WITHOUT increasing cost but REDUCING Overall Cost of Ownership.

You will Learn

  • Methods of how to truly assess supplier ability to control in process quality and use data to predict potential escape rates.
  • How to remove focus and cost of low value Incoming Quality Inspection by managing suppliers by measurement.
  • Understanding how to process map and perform strong supplier PFMEA that converts into Strong Process Control with high level supplier reporting to drive real improvement.
  • How to pull several key supplier measures together in Holistic manner to understand and score supplier capability to start mass production at New Product Introduction stage.
  • Making Supplier Process Auditing TRUE VALUE ADD rather than simply being an ISO style tick box audit. Turning almost everything a supplier does into a measured metric to continually monitor their 'true' performance to drive accountability.
  • Developing excellent supplier partnerships without any 'hidden factories' and setting realistic goals.


Day 1
  • Where to Start in Virtual Supplier Management / Improvement
  • Using the Supplier Quality Questionnaire to support Virtual Supplier Assessment
  • Setting up an effective Quality audit scoring approach and performing the Reliability Solutions ‘SMART’ score at a Virtual level
  • Performing the Reliability Solutions Virtual Supplier Reliability Maturity Rating
  • Why IQC and AQL sample test standards are no longer appropriate in modern manufacture and how this affects supplier quality / reliability assurance
Day 2
  • Why Supplier PFMEA is important, How to use a simplified and effective approach as part of the Supplier Quality improvement program in the Virtual World
  • The importance of Supplier Process Yield Measurement and how to use data to predict Field Failure Rate escape rates from the Process
  • The 6 step process to achieving World Class Supplier Quality.
  • Bringing all the models and assessments together into an NPI scoring model which allows SQE to ‘Holistically’ evaluate the supplier.


  • Extensive experience of working in the demanding fast moving electronics market of China over a period of 20 years and understands very well how chinese companies need fast and strong solutions, this is what Reliability Solutions has provided to a wide range of companies manufacturing in China. His energetic and strong approach has helped many companies greatly improve their Reliability and reduce Field Failure service costs significantly in very short and aggressive time frames'.
  • High Volume companies he has consulted with include TPV, Atmel, Amtran, LtreOn, Hua-Wei, Emerson, TCL,etc.
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