Virtual Series 2: Is the PD detected too high? (12 series Challenges of Partial Discharge Assessment)

Virtual Series

14th Apr, 2021 - 14th Apr, 2021

1 Participant

13:30 – 15:30 (GMT+8)

2 or more

2 Hours/Day

Early Bird Fee

USD 75

Virtual Series 2: Is the PD detected too high? (12 series Challenges of Partial Discharge Assessment)

The 12 challenges series waste no time but focus on directly tackling targeted issues engineer face during PD measurements and data interpretation. (Cables, Switchgear, Transformer and Rotating Machines)


The 12 series of discussion sessions have been developed to expose the pitfalls of Partial Discharge assessment and challenges faced by Electrical engineer when performing, collecting, interpreting Partial Discharge for each individual asset (from cables, switchgear, Transformer, and rotating machines). Each 2-hour session is devoted to one specific challenge, related case study, techniques, and recommendations for better managing Partial Discharge Assessment.

  • The sessions will occur every Wednesday of the week, beginning from 7th April 2021

The instructor will further provide tips and tricks for properly perform Partial Discharge testing from data collection to data interpretation. Each challenge will be supported with real case study (pictures) and graphs to improve the learning process. Each challenge will be focused on how to do it from the practical point of view (industry point of view) not academic point of view. The 12 challenges series waste no time but focus on directly tackling targeted issues engineer face during PD measurements and data interpretation.

At the end of the 12 challenges series, the attendees will be able to select the right PD measurement setup, Data collection and analysis, PD pre-localization, electrical assets PD assessment and PD repair.

Consultant point of view:(Applicable to all PD brand equipment) 

These 12 series challenges will be presented from a consultant point of view not representing any PD brand equipment. It will be general and applicable to all the equipment. During the Q&A session the instructor will be able to discuss specific cases related to the customer test equipment.

Designed For

This 12 series Virtual series will be valuable to all levels of engineers and managers dealing with condition assessment of medium and high voltage electrical assets who work in the power industry from generator companies to transmission and distribution system operators. Engineers working in oil and gas industry who are involved in performing PD measurement in Critical MV assets such as Motors, distribution transformers, cables and switchgears will gain from the course.

  • Electrical engineers: to learn about partial discharge and gain knowledge, tips and tricks related to PD measurements and data interpretation.
  • Engineers interested on PD data analysis and interpretation.
  • Asset managers: to evaluate the condition of their assets. (only the challenges related to that subject)
  • Project engineer/ manager involved in new project who want to have a clear idea of what is needed and how to evaluate the different solutions available in the market. (only the challenges related to that subject)
  • Maintenance engineers/technicians: to perform condition assessment test and/or re-commissioning after repair. (only the challenges related to that subject)
  • Engineering and maintenance personnel who are involved in condition assessments of electrical assets.
  • Company who employed 3rd party to perform partial discharge testing: will learn what information to look for in order to do the correct analysis based on the asset/test performed. This will help to evaluate the test reports provided by third party contractors and in selecting the right test follow up action.
  • Any industries/engineers involved with: Cables (MV: 6kV – 35kV / High and Extra HV: 66kV – 500kV), Switchgear (AIS 6kV – 35kV / GIS: 35kV – 500kV), Transformers (MV: 6kV – 35kV/ HV and EHV: 66kV – 500kV), Motors (6.6kV – 11kV / 17.5kV) and Generators (6.6 – 30kV).

You will Learn

  • These 12 challenges series are extensively targeted to assist engineer in tackling specific issues face during PD measurement and data interpretation. This workshop should not be confused with the full PD assessment VILT session style presentation which provide a complete understanding of the subject from A to Z.
  • You can bring your recent PD case (recent issues) which are related to the challenges to discuss by submitting the question in advance.


The 12 targeted challenges series are:
  1. What the PD pattern is showing?
  2. Is the PD detected to high?
  3. Should I perform Online or Offline PD measurements?
  4. Why there are different capacitance values for the coupling capacitor?
  5. Transient Earthing Voltage, Ultrasonic, High Frequency Current Transformer what should I use for Online PD measurement?
  6. Am I properly collecting the data?
  7. pC or mV?!?
  8. How can I filter the noise?
  9. Where the PD activity is located?
  10. Should I repeat the measurement regularly?
  11. When should I remove the asset from service if it is affected by PD?
  12. Can I fix it?


  • Principal Technical Authorities and an expert in Partial Discharge Testing.
  • Experience in Commissioning PD test assessment on HV Cables – Off-line / on-line test, PD test assessment on different assets – On-line/Off-line/ Laboratory test and Complete assessment on different assets – Off-line.
  • Performed over more than 200 commissioning, laboratory and PD test assessment: Off-line / On-line (Generators, Motors, HV/MV Cables, GIS Substation, HV Series Reactor, AIS/GIS Switchgears and Transformers (Oil Type / Dry Type- Cast Resin).
  • Provide PD Test Assessment on electrical Assets technical training.
  • Experience throughout Europe, USA, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Travelled extensively, technical training and performed Partial Discharge testing in many countries worldwide. (Europe, USA, Asia, and the Middle East.)

Online – Virtual instructor-led

Delivery of Virtual Session

The virtual session will be delivered online comprising 12 sessions of 2 hours per session, with 75 minutes allocated for presentation and 45 minutes of Q & A. Participants can submit questions prior to or during the session.

  • The access to the virtual platform can be via any devices (laptop, mobile phones or notepads) with good internet connection, from anywhere in the world. However, it is highly recommended to use your laptops / desktops for better understanding of the content to be presented.
  • You are highly encouraged to be interactive during the virtual session.
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