Managing New Product Quality to achieve World Class Performance Status “The Holistic Approach” The Modern-Day Solution

Virtual instructor-led (VILT)

28th Nov, 2022 - 30th Nov, 2022

1 Participant

13:00 – 17:30 (GMT+8)

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4.5 Hours/Day

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Managing New Product Quality to achieve World Class Performance Status “The Holistic Approach” The Modern-Day Solution

Provide the necessary tools to manage new product quality from early design stage into volume manufacture with emphasis on ‘Manage by Measurement’.


New Product Introduction can make or break an idea in today’s competitive tech industry. In today’s complex Electronics and Electromechanical products, we cannot assume performing simple controls and testing samples of product will highlight all the major latent defects which will lead to failure at some point in the products lifetime.

There are many different methods to be employed to fully understand and predict the Quality and Reliability of a New Product, these are often interconnected, and all have a part to play in planning how we can best understand and predict the product performance . This virtual training will show how to manage a new product to enter mass production with minimal weaknesses or issues to provide smooth transition into volume manufacture.

'Working hard is not enough, you must work smarter'

The Modern-day solution:

The instructor had developed a very effective 3 steps gated model (Engineering verification, Design verification then Manufacturing Verification Testing) which has been used widely across many clients , leading to major reduction in failure rate in all stages of the clients from early design stage into volume manufacture. In each of the steps, many years of experience has been used to develop the 3-step gated model approach to ensure all key areas affecting performance of a new design are optimized as all must be at highest level simultaneously to drive world class quality.

Progressive Total Quality for new product and the tools to make it work:

Participant will receive a wide range of the trainer self-developed progressive total quality tools (Proven XL models) to provides monitoring a products performance from beginning to end in an HOLISTIC manner which you can start applying and modifying them to suit their own needs.

The instructor will further share how combining the measurement into a simple format that clearly highlights the performance outputs with an NPI matrix. Each element of the NPI matrix will have targets set and depending on the measurements made or defects found, the result of each measurement or test can be easily rated. These NPI model brings all the key measurements together for a professional and organized approach to monitoring a products performance from beginning to end in an HOLISTIC manner.

This 3 half-days Virtual Instructor Led Training on ‘Managing New Product Quality with an Holistic model’ will guide attendees through a very structured approach using multiple data sources to make NPI measurable and ensure ‘Manage by Measurement’ techniques are used throughout to drive World Class Quality at earliest possible stage.

Designed For

This virtual training will help companies / engineer to understand optimum way to introduce new product and achieve highest overall quality levels by looking much wider with the holistic approach.
  • NPI engineer / Manager (New Product)
  • Reliability engineers
  • Electronic and electromechanical designers / manufacturers
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Lab/Quality Engineers / Departments.
  • Product Quality managers, engineers, Quality engineers / Managers / Directors
  • Customer Quality engineers
  • Professionals who are involved in managing the process quality.
  • Hardware engineer / Product engineer
  • Manufacturing
  • Supplier Quality engineers and Managers
  • Technical sourcing / procurement personnel
  • Personnel involved directly with suppliers from start up at a new supplier to improving existing suppliers.
  • Contract manufacturers - There remains a need to understand reliability to add value to the service being provided to the client. This knowledge would be a big advantage for doing in-house. By in-house mean, they benefit from being able to analyse their test data themselves. Analysis of test data and being able to discuss results in more professional manner.

You will Learn

  • Realization of how multiple improvement techniques are required simultaneously to drive World class Quality with new products
  • Understanding the critical role of suppliers and how to select / manage them to make maximum contribution
  • Making sure a detailed new product measurement matrix is used to understand everything about the process in the single simplest method
  • Making sure a Continual Improvement mindset is always in place and driven with data.
  • Setting up Process Targets to ensure MINIMAL escape and realizing why targets need to be so high
  • Achieving the POWER of a modern and Transparent Process Management Reporting Method to drive continual improvement.
  • Learning the key Reliability / Durability tests required to help qualify a new product without being a reliability expert !
  • Understanding the critical importance of correct process yield measurement to understand potential for customer early life failure


Session 1
  • Introduction to the Reliability Solutions Holistic model to drive improvement in all key areas simultaneously
  • Applying DFM and using a scoring model to drive process efficiency and quality improvement
  • Implementing DQA Testing and Design Maturity Measurement to drive Design improvement
  • Applying the ‘6 steps to World Class Supplier Quality’ model developed and implemented by Reliability Solutions for many clients
  • Managing suppliers within process measurements
Session 2
  • Production Readiness Review and Measurement Model
  • Setting up the New Product Quality Introduction Measurement Program with emphasis on Continual Improvement
  • Importance of PFMEA and defining strong Control Plan at Pilot Production stage
  • Developing the New Product Process Performance Measurement Matrix for Pilot Production focus and refinement to Mass Production ongoing measurements
  • Predicting Early Life Field Failure Rates from Process Failure / Yield data
Session 3
  • DQA Testing and Design Maturity Measurement
  • Setting up comprehensive New Product Reliability Qualification Test model with back up technical understanding SOP to support simplified approach
  • Bringing everything together in the finalized NPI matrix with a scoring model to drive Total Quality


  • Extensive experience of working in the demanding fast moving electronics market of China over a period of 20 years and understands very well how Chinese companies need fast and strong solutions, this is what Reliability Solutions has provided to a wide range of companies manufacturing in China. His energetic and strong approach has helped many companies greatly improve their Reliability and reduce Field Failure service costs significantly in very short and aggressive time frames'.
  • High Volume companies he has consulted with include TPV, Atmel, Amtran, LtreOn, Hua-Wei, Emerson, TCL,etc.

Online – Virtual instructor-led

ENERGY1 ASIA Virtual instructor-led Training (ONLINE) Due to the recent developments with COVID-19 we have, for the health and safety of our speakers and attendees, our selected multi-day courses will be delivered live online led by experience practitioners. This will enable you to experience a similar engagement experience to our successful traditional classroom setting which includes exercises, answering your question and provide feedback – all without having to travel anywhere!
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