Motor Current Signature Analysis (Fault detection techniques using current signature analysis methods)

Virtual instructor-led (VILT)

29th Sep, 2021 - 30th Sep, 2021

1 Participant

09:00 – 13:30 (GMT+8)

2 or more

4 Hours/Day

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USD 1099

Motor Current Signature Analysis (Fault detection techniques using current signature analysis methods)

Provide an in-depth analysis of the techniques used to assess the electric motor conditions focusing on themotor current spectrum analysis, for the detection and identification of the most common defects affecting our rotating machines.


Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) has been considered the most popular fault detection and isolation technique applied to electrical motors since it can easily detect and isolate the common electrical machines faults namely when applied to induction motors. It has proven to be a highly valuable predictive maintenance tool.

These 2 half-days Online Virtual instructor-led Training (VILT) waste no time but focus directly on reviewing and examine typical electric motor faults / common defects. This will follow by an overview of different diagnostic test available to determine the condition of the electric motors and put into context the current signature analysis compared to the other techniques. Application of the technique on the different type of motors including the induction motors fed by VFD will also be discuss.

The second session will address state-of-the-art current signature techniques for diagnosing a variety of main defects. All type of detectable defects will be described (including the mechanical ones) such as - Rotor bar, Air gap Eccentricity, Rotor imbalance, Rotor misalignment, Fans, Motor foundation and Bearings. For each defect, the instructor will explain how the technique detect the issue and how to determine that from the test result.

MCSA test equipment/ instruments requirements are also discussed and a simple procedure for collecting and analysis the data is provided.

Designed For

This comprehensive virtual course will be valuable to professionals who work in the power industry (Generation), Renewable energy, oil & gas plants, refineries, chemical & petrochemical plants, mining, manufacturing, fertilizer & process industries that uses all types of (HV, MV and LV) electric motor. Further, the techniques (MCSA) can be extended to generator.
  • Electrical Engineer / Maintenance Engineers/Technicians
  • Service engineering / Testing engineering,
  • Engineering, Testing and Maintenance, Rotating Equipment Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers, Reliability Engineers, Production Engineers.
  • Condition-based Monitoring Engineers
  • Instrument Engineers
  • Engineers involved in condition-based maintenance analysis.
  • Anyone involved in wind power generators.
  • Vibration analyst or engineer who wish to learn how to detect issues using current signature analysis beside vibration analyst.
  • Engineers who wish to apply current signature analysis technique to theirs motors assessment. This can be extended to generators.

You will Learn

  • Common defects of electric motor: Causes and consequences of the main defects which will help in assessing their assets.
  • Diagnostic test: Knowing the advantages and limitations of the available diagnostic test allows to perform the proper test based on the motor life stage/condition.
  • Current Signature analysis techniques: How to properly perform the current signature analysis from the data collection to the data interpretation for assessing the electrical motor.


  • Electric motor most common defects
  • Overview of different type of rotating equipment focusing on: Classification and Main Design Characteristics
  • Introduction of Asset management, RBM, CBM, and condition monitoring for electrical drive systems
  • Overview of available diagnostic tests used to determine the asset conditions.
  • Current Signature Analysis fundamentals
  • Detectable defects
  • MCSA equipment
  • Real case studies: Oil & Gas, Power Generation and other Industry.


  •  Specialist Electrical Engineer with over 35 years’ experience in the field of machines and auxiliary equipment.
  • experience covers general design, redesign, construction, testing and application problems of motors, generators and auxiliary equipment.
  • leader in technical audits and specialized tests and measurements to qualify condition and cause of failure with recommendations of remedial methods using contemporary design techniques and practices.

Online – Virtual instructor-led

ENERGY1 ASIA Virtual instructor-led Training (ONLINE)

Due to the recent developments with COVID-19 we have, for the health and safety of our speakers and attendees, our selected multi-day courses will be delivered live online led by experience practitioners. This will enable you to experience a similar engagement experience to our successful traditional classroom setting which includes exercises, answering your question and provide feedback – all without having to travel anywhere!

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