MRO Spares Best Practices Cataloguing Principles & Implementation

Virtual instructor-led (VILT)

14th Nov, 2022 - 16th Nov, 2022

1 Participant

12:30 – 17:00 (GMT+8)

2 or more

4 Hours/Day

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USD 999

MRO Spares Best Practices Cataloguing Principles & Implementation

Improve your spares parts cataloguing and reduce stocking costs.


Poor Cataloguing is still being done poorly in most companies due to a bad job in populating their MRO spares parts master date such as:
  •  Poor & Inconsistent part naming,
  • Lack of attributes,
  • No BOMs created,
  • Mfg’s P/N & Vendor P/Ns are mixed,
  • Standardised Mfr P/N formatting has not been used
  • All master data fields are not populated.
This results in:
  •  High number of duplicates 10-15% is normal,
  • Inefficient use of tradesman time looking for spares,
  • Emergency purchases, Excess machine downtime,
  • Cannibalization of a stand-by machine,
  • Lack of focus on standardisation & rationalization and
  • Higher inventory costs.
The root causes of this poor population are lack of training and experience, lack of cataloguing standards and guides, poor initial spares process and using Excel with no governance build in, i.e. no tool utilized specific for this activity.

This 3 day Online Virtual instructor-led Training (VILT) will focus on the principles of good cataloguing, auditing cataloguing data and Best practices in cataloguing and the causes of duplication and excess stocking. This course includes new material on the key spares topic of cataloguing and covers the process of how the instructor carries out cleansing projects presently.

The objective of this Online training is to go into more detail on cataloguing principles, highlight some of data validation and standardization experience and pitfall plus covers practical implementation step by step.

Designed For

This course is designed for people who are involved in CMMS data management (SAP, Maximo, Oracle and etc):
  • Maintenance planners / engineers and support engineers
  • Preventive Maintenance / Equipment Engineers / Spares personnel
  • CMMS Engineers / CMMS IT administrators / CMMS planers or anyone who populated data into CMMS Project
  • Engineers responsible for specifying, buying spares and setting up the spares information in the CMMS
  • Anyone who wants to understand how to achieve an effective CMMS system (same concepts can be used to evaluate Equipment, Assets, PM routines)
  • Companies already with a populated CMMS, considering upgrade of their existing system (e.g Maximo to SAP etc) or considering implementing a CMMS will benefit.

You will Learn

  • Main Issues with MRO Cataloguing
  • Auditing Cataloguing Data
  • Building and Effective Spares Catalogue
  • Initial Spares Request Process
  • Cleansing Implementation – Part 1
  • Cleansing Implementation – Part 2
  • Auditing and Creating BOMs
  • Rationalisation & Reducing Stocking Costs with Good Data


  • How to audit inventory data.
  • UNDERSTAND the advantage of a database solution over MS Excel.
  • UNDERSTAND how to catalogue spares parts effectively.
  • UNDERSTAND different approaches to data cleansing.
  • UNDERSTAND the difference between data validation and standardization versus just standardization.
  • UNDERSTAND why there are duplicates, and how to highlight them including cross checking new spares against the current inventory database
  • UNDERSTAND the importance of getting it right in the project phase.
  • How good cataloguing supports cost reduction
  • How to build BOMs


  • Showed how a Chinese Chemical giant could save $500,000 in inventory stock level from just 10-line items.
  • Taking the highest annual consumption and taking conservative approach we demonstrated $12,000 savings on one spare selected at random, this was much more than the cost of the training.
  • Analysed a company’s BOMs in SAP. Showed a high % of equipment with no BOMs and a high number of spares not assigned to BOMs. This analysis also supported the management of obsolete spare programme.
  • Reviewed the MRO data cleansed by a Canadian Consultant, showed how not only was the cleansing poor but they did not identify 15% of duplicates.
  • Developed and implemented MRO Inventory & Warehouse Audit Process at 4 large Pharmaceutical sites in Europe, highlighting weaknesses in management practices and issues leading to excess stocking.
  • Developed the following tools to support effective MRO spare part management: MRO_Master Data Auditor / MRO_Master Data Cleanser / MRO_BOM Builder and Analyser / MRO_Optimiser/ MRO_Management Practice Auditor.

Online – Virtual instructor-led

ENERGY1 ASIA Virtual instructor-led Training (ONLINE)

Due to the recent developments with COVID-19 we have, for the health and safety of our speakers and attendees, our selected multi-day courses will be delivered live online led by experience practitioners. This will enable you to experience a similar engagement experience to our successful traditional classroom setting which includes exercises, answering your question and provide feedback – all without having to travel anywhere!

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