Applied Power Generator Protection – Protection Relay

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31st Jul, 2019 - 2nd Aug, 2019

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Applied Power Generator Protection – Protection Relay

Master understanding of generator electrical operation, the generator place in the bulk electrical network,
Co-operation with other generators and with modern renewable sources.


The requirements of safety, minimisation of damage to faulted plant, minimisation of consequential damage to healthy plant and maintenance of a stable and secure supply of electricity are paramount to all protection designs. A generator may be exposed to many types of occurrence such as Internal fault (short circuit), external fault or overloading, rapid change of loading driving the generator onto harmful behavior, short circuit on a parallel device, harmful to the generator, unstable co-operation with renewable and islanding which require protection schemes to operate effectively and efficiently but in vastly different time frames.

This 3 days Applied Power generator protection masterclass will get thorough understanding of generator electrical operation, the generator place in the bulk electrical network, co-operation with other generators and with modern renewable sources. The trainer will also be covering the practical aspect of: applied generator protection - actual protection issues , applied power generator measures needed - what measures needed to be taken to establish a whole power generator systems, applied generator application common in a power station - what is uniquely applicable at the power station as opposed to stand-by and emergency generation and applied generator settings to coup with bulk electrical networks - what setting should be applied the run and protect generators in the complex operation of bulk networks comprised of different types of power sources and regulations.

New Topics:Generators (Power gen, as opposed to emergency gen) will operate in most cases with other generators for higher total power delivery to the bulk grid. That calls for special measures and knowledge, or the network and the generators will collapse. Part of MODERN co-generation involves solar generators, wind generators, hydro and other generators having different types of characteristics, which are facing new measures to take, set in place, government rules, regulations and techniques to operate correctly. The trainer will be covering thoroughly the reason behind this aspect. Microprocessor Relay protection and setting is thoroughly examined and discussed together with regulation guidelines to Co-Generation in the modern smart-grid and DER.

Designed For

This seminar will assist both those whose day to day work involves them in the application of protection design, coordination and relay setting, and also to those in less directly associated areas of generator protection system design. This seminar has been prepared specifically to meet the requirements of:

  • Protection Design Engineers / Design Engineers
  • Planning Engineers
  • Commissioning and Project Management Engineers
  • Electrical consultants / Consulting firms.
  • Electrical/generation Project managers.
  • Plant/division managers
  • Technicians - to understand the importance of their role in installing, testing and maintaining effective, reliable, dependable and secure protection systems.

You will Learn

  • Principles of power generator operation.
  • Generator grounding and protection.
  • Principles of bulk grid component and operation.
  • The difference between power and emergency generation.
  • Bulk Grid effects on generators.
  • Microprocessor relaying complex principles.
  • How to setup a generator protection relay.
  • Modern relay generator protection.
  • Principles of power generator co-operation.
  • Grid effects on generator operation and protection.


  • Introduction to utility and industrial power electricity
  • Power systems grid fundamentals
  • System design considerations
  • System Planning
  • Power system configurations Equipment selection
  • Power system analysis / Short circuit calculations
  • Principles of power system protection /Ground fault protection
  • High voltage substation design & protection / Equipment protection
  • Feeder protection
  • Generator Step-up Transformer Protection
  • Generator immediate Transmission Line Protection
  • Generator Protection
  • Generator relay protection
  • Generator-set Bus Protection
  • DER Generators
  • Industrial Generators
  • Generation Islanding


  • 28 years of consulting and training experience and practice in industrial applications, utilities and academics in around the world.
  • Veteran expert in Protection & Control relays and SCADA.
  • IEEE senior research & engineering
  • Managed, Designed and installed more than 300 heavy electrical systems, Protection & control, electronic and electrical control projects.
  • Developed a reputation for achieving 100% customer satisfaction on numerous engineering projects and training around the globe
  • Major consulted client such as ABB Group, Chevron, General Electric, Shell, Petronas, BP and many more.

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