Relay Protection – HV and MV electrical system and equipment

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5th Apr, 2021 - 7th Apr, 2021

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Relay Protection – HV and MV electrical system and equipment

Expansion of the Big-Picture point of view of understanding and designing HV & MV electrical systems. (Transformers, Switchgear, busbars, Induction and Synchronous Motors, and Generators)



Power system protection of various electrical equipment and apparatus requires a good understanding of phase and ground short circuit currents, detection, and safe clearing of the faulted equipment. This course is ideal for engineers shifting into the field of protection and control. This program starts with an overview of power system fundamentals, design and short circuit calculations which lead to the understanding of protection scheme requirements and its applications.

Protection requirements for industrial plants, cogeneration, and interconnection with the utility power systems are explained in detail. This course covers the subject of power system protection from a practical perspective and includes important functional specs such as testing and coordination of protection systems. This course is designed for individuals who are involved with industries and utilities to learn how to design and protect personnel and equipment.

Good design of electric power distribution systems is vital to the safety, maintenance, troubleshooting and efficient operation of electrical systems and modern industrial plants. This course is designed to address all aspects of industrial and utility power systems, including system planning, equipment selection, specification and application, system grounding, protection and conformity with electrical code requirements, etc. Typical one line and relaying diagrams will be discussed for various applications.

The training will be presented with a practical approach in mind. The learning will be conducted along with relevant case studies and industry best practices. Delegates will be encouraged to participate and contribute their cases to the discussion.

Designed For

This training course will be valuable to participants who work in the power industry from generator companies to transmission and distribution system operators (Any HV and MV Operators). Engineers working in the oil and gas industry who are involved in electrical aspects of the industry such as MV & LV motors and electrical equipment will gain from the course. It is also valuable to engineers in building services where protection is applied to 25kV supply points and below to the LV distribution. Utility, plant, or consulting engineers and technicians involved in transmission or distribution system protection, planning, operations, or engineering.

  • Control and Protection / Plant Managers
  • Electrical Power Distribution Engineers / System Planners / System Engineers
  • Power Quality / Power System / Reliability engineer /Consulting Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers and Technical Staff entering the protection field
  • And any other engineers and technical personnel involved with the design, operation, maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting of high and medium voltage electrical systems and equipment.
  • Engineers/technicians who want to improve the reliability of the power system.
  • Engineers/technicians Those doing performing fault studies, maintaining computer fault study or power flow databases, or coordinating and setting over-current relays and fuses will especially benefit from this course.

You will Learn

  • THE “BIG PICTURE APPROACH” - looking at the entire grid as influencing the local single device, instead of just the local single device by itself (like just a transformer or just the generator).
  • REFRESH the knowledge of power systems design, planning, analysis, protective device applications, protective relay schemes, and relay coordination for the safe and efficient operation of electrical power systems and equipment.
  • DEVELOP your own relay settings and thoroughly understand the philosophy of protective systems.
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY in protection such as Optical CTs and Herdwire technology in substations.
  • LEARN actual cases illustrating various techniques in present use and highlighting particular approaches used by experienced system designers.
  • ENHANCE your experience with power system protection problems generally faced and solutions successfully adopted by industry.
  • UNDERSTAND how to apply microprocessor-based multi-function relays on the protection of various power system equipment and apparatus.
  • DIFFERENCE in approaching transmission and distribution level electricity.
  • GAIN advanced and up-to-date knowledge in DER (Distributed Renewable Energy) in utilities as HV/MV must know how these concepts are intertwined with a complete electrical system.


  • Introduction to utility and industrial power electricity
  • Power systems grid fundamentals
  • System design considerations
  • System Planning
  • Power system configurations Equipment selection
  • Power system analysis / Short circuit calculations
  • Principles of power system protection /Ground fault protection
  • High voltage substation design & protection / Equipment protection
  • Feeder protection
  • Transformer Protection
  • Transmission Line Protection
  • Generator Protection
  • Industrial DER Generation and Usage
  • Industrial DER concerns and interferences
  • Bus Protection
  • Motor Protection
  • Discussion: Distributed Renewable Energy Sources
  • The DER world


  • 28 years of consulting and training experience and practice in industrial applications, utilities, and academics around the world.
  • Veteran expert in Protection & Control relays and SCADA.
  • IEEE senior research & engineering
  • Managed, Designed and installed more than 300 heavy electrical systems, Protection & control, electronic and electrical control projects.
  • Developed a reputation for achieving 100% customer satisfaction on numerous engineering projects and training around the globe
  • Major consulted clients such as ABB Group, Chevron, General Electric, Shell, Petronas, BP and many more.