Rotor Dynamics & Bearings Technologies (Lateral / Torsional Vibration Analysis & Fluid-Film Bearings)

Virtual instructor-led (VILT)

23rd Aug, 2022 - 25th Aug, 2022

1 Participant

09:00 – 13:30 (GMT+8)

2 or more

4 Hours/Day

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Rotor Dynamics & Bearings Technologies (Lateral / Torsional Vibration Analysis & Fluid-Film Bearings)

Technical understanding of bearings and lateral and torsional rotor dynamics emphasizing bearing design, function, and influence on lateral vibrations, as well as, the general vibrational behavior of rotating machinery and strategies to improve its rotor dynamic performance.


In depth understanding of the operational characteristics of fluid-film bearings in turbomachinery which includes, their behavior to such effects as installed clearances, supply lubricant properties (type, temperature, pressure, flow rate) coupled with their effects on machinery vibration levels, instability and safe operation.

The rotor dynamics and torsional vibration sessions will provide the fundamental and advanced understanding of rotating machinery dynamics and their vibration characteristics influenced by such conditions as their operating speed (or speed range), balance level, resonance and critical speed, shaft flexibility, required separation margins from their designed conditions and effect of support structural flexibility.

Designed For

This comprehensive “Technology Transfer” virtual course is designed for engineers and technical managers who are involved in rotating machinery design, operation, maintenance, diagnostics, and troubleshooting, with emphasis on bearings and bearings systems, machinery rotor dynamics, and drive train torsional vibration. No previous experience in rotor dynamics is required – just register and come to the VILT to understand the world of vibrations and, above all, learn how to solve and avoid vibration problems in rotating machinery.

Turbomachinery Types: Pumps, compressors, gas and steam turbines, motors, generators, expanders, turbocharges, gearboxes, fans, blowers, APU (auxiliary power units), etc.

  • Mechanical Engineers, Rotating Equipment Engineers, Maintenance engineers
  • Reliability Engineers / Predictive Maintenance Staff, Operation / Production Staff
  • Overhaul staff / Technical staff
  • Project engineers, Plant engineers
  • Engineering managers and Asset managers
  • OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer)

You will Learn

  • Understanding of fluid-film bearings design guidelines.
  • Fluid-film bearing types, configuration and application in rotating machinery.
  • Fluid-film bearings lubricant type, properties and its influence on bearing performance including heating, cooling, stability, instability and acceptable performance.
  • Rotating machinery dynamics (lateral & torsional vibration) fundamentals.
  • Rotor dynamics design criteria and limitation to machinery operation.
  • Rotating assembly operational mode shapes and meaning, resonance and critical speed conditions and required separation margins for machinery safe operation.
  • Balancing criteria and its influence on machinery vibration levels.
  • Considerations of retrofit components in rotating machinery, such as bearings and couplings, and their influence of machinery vibration levels and acceptability.
  • Drive train torsional characteristic and considerations on its dynamic performance with replacement of components such as coupling, flywheel, rotating assembly mass, stiffness and inertia properties.


Day 1 Fluid-Film Bearings
  • Introduction to Bearings
  • Sliding Surface Bearings
  • Fluid - Film Bearings Types and Applications
  • Bearings State-of-the-Art Technology
Day 2 & 3: Rotor Dynamics & Torsional Vibration
  • Introduction & Overview
  • Basics of Machinery Vibration – Introduction
  • Rotor Dynamics & Torsional Vibration - Basics
  • Rotor Dynamics – Theory
  • Rotor Dynamics – Advanced
  • Requirements for Rotor Dynamics analyses
  • Analysis
  • Rotor Dynamics Detailed Case History
  • Torsional Vibration – Advanced
  • Torsional Vibration Detailed Case Histories
  • State-of-the-Art Technology Presentation & Demonstration


  • Skilled Instructors combined over 65 Years of Experience in the fields of rotor dynamics, fluid-film and rolling-element bearings, machinery vibration, failure analysis and troubleshooting.

Online – Virtual instructor-led

ENERGY1 ASIA Virtual instructor-led Training (ONLINE) Due to the recent developments with COVID-19 we have, for the health and safety of our speakers and attendees, our selected multi-day courses will be delivered live online led by experience practitioners. This will enable you to experience a similar engagement experience to our successful traditional classroom setting which includes exercises, answering your question and provide feedback – all without having to travel anywhere!
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