Water Chemistry for Boiler Engineers (Recognize early warning signals before failure) – VILT

Virtual instructor-led (VILT)

4th Mar, 2024 - 7th Mar, 2024

1 Participant

12:30 – 17:00 (GMT+8)

2 or more

4 Hours/Day

Early Bird Fee

USD 1999

Water Chemistry for Boiler Engineers (Recognize early warning signals before failure) – VILT

A comprehensive overview on theoretical background and practical experiences of water chemistry guidelines in boiler water systems, early warning signals for trouble and types of corrosion and case studies of failed water treatment.


Unit efficiency, reliability, and availability can be adversely affected by improper boiler water chemistry. The results of a multi-million-dollar overhaul can be negated during start-up due to improper boiler water chemistry.

These 4 half-days Online Virtual instructor-led Training (VILT) will focus on what needs to be monitored, why, what the limit values are and what the consequences will be from deviations. Recognize early warning signals before failure, spot design flaws and may even propose operational improvements. Keywords are reliability, availability and efficiency.

Attendees will further improve their practical knowledge on:

  • Boiler water chemistry guidelines: These will help in preventing plant damage due to corrosion and deposits, also helps to choose the right materials and against possible design mistakes.
  • Early warning signals for trouble and types of corrosion Awareness of early warning signals helps to act timely in response to plant damage mechanisms and helps to know what to look for during maintenance and operations.
  • Case studies of failed water treatment Examples of failed water treatment illustrates the severity of deviations from the guidelines and can act as an example of what needs to be avoided.
This virtual training will provide the latest state of the art on the types of water treatment, what is considered best industry practices. This will be augmented by case studies

Designed For

This comprehensive virtual course will be valuable to professionals who work with power plant boilers, Ultra Supercritical boilers, HRSGs and other high-temperature boilers that can be found in the power industry, oil & gas plants, refineries, chemical & petrochemical plants, fertilizer & process industries. Participants attending will need to have a general understanding of chemistry or some actual experience with operating a boiler would be great but is not mandatory.
  • Power Plant Chemists/Chemical analysts
  • Power plant operators/shift personnel
  • Boiler Engineers
  • Engineers involved in the operation and maintenance of power plants.
  • Managers / Maintenance personnel / Technicians
  • Other technical individuals (this course is suitable for individuals who do not have a background in chemical engineering).
  • Operators and maintenance personnel of other energy intensive industry operating large boiler systems

You will Learn

  • Understanding of the relevance of chemical parameters in boiler water.
  • Corrosion effects of specific chemical parameters.
  • Water chemistry in relation to design and types of boilers.
  • Relevance of boiler materials in relation to water chemistry.
  • Factors that affect corrosion and describe the methods to reduce or prevent corrosion and deposits.
  • Ability to choose the optimum water treatment for a given type of boiler.
  • Understanding of consequences of deviations from guidelines.
  • Interaction of boiler design on operational practices of water treatment .
  • Specific types of boiler corrosion mechanisms.
  • Recognition of early warning signals, problem area's in boilers.


  • Boiler water chemistry guidelines
  • Theoretical background of the guidelines
  • Boiler types and effect on treatment of water/ steam cycle Boiler types
  • Choice of materials for the water/steam system
  • Boiler water treatment options (practices)
  • Monitoring of the water/steam cycle
  • Early warning signals for trouble and types of corrosion
  • Case studies of failed water treatment (Root Cause failure): 5 Case Studies


  • Over 30 years of experiences in experience in power and process plant failures, corrosion mechanisms and corrosion prevention.
  • Senior consultant for chemistry of water/steam (high pressure water/steam systems)
  • Former Global Director Power Generation & Renewables with KEMA (now DNV)
  • Worked extensively in an international context (more than 40 countries)
  • A great deal of experience with VGB and EPRI guidelines, and has been active on several technical groups, developing and reviewing such guidelines.
  • Currently working with clients like UNIPER, Shell, Tennet and others on steam power chemistry issues, such as corrosion and boiler tube failure investigations, operations and mothballing

Online – Virtual instructor-led

ENERGY1 ASIA Virtual instructor-led Training (ONLINE)

Our carefully curated multi-day programs, led by seasoned practitioners, bring the classroom experience to your fingertips. This not only ensures your convenience but also unlocks substantial cost savings by eliminating the need for travel expenses. Immerse yourself in an interactive learning environment, featuring engaging exercises, interactive Q&A sessions, and personalized feedback – all from the comfort of your chosen location. Elevate your learning journey with our VILT courses, where excellence meets accessibility.

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