Due to the recent developments with COVID-19 we have, for the health and safety of our speakers and attendees, our selected courses are now available online. This will enable you to view the courses from the comfort of your location while still benefiting from the depth of knowledge provided at our online courses.

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GUARANTEED SAVINGS: MRO Spares – Optimize Stock Levels, and Reduce Inventory Costs

Course Area : Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Operation & Maintenance, Power, Water
Duration: 3 days

Use Successful and proven methods and analysis techniques to effectively reduce inventory and costs of […]

Kuala Lumpur : 15th Jun, 2020 - 17th Jun, 2020

Managing & Improving Electronic Products Reliability Across the Entire Lifecycle – From Prototype into Volume Manufacture

Course Area : Manufacturing
Duration: 2 days

Set up and manage World Class Electronic Reliability Improvement Programmes to drive Failure Rate Reduction

Penang : 29th Jun, 2020 - 30th Jun, 2020

Human Performance Improvement (HPI) For Energy Industry

Course Area : Leadership & Management
Duration: 3 days

Learn the process that unlocks human potential, reduces organizational events by reducing errors and learning […]

Kuala Lumpur : 29th Jun, 2020 - 1st Jul, 2020

Online Continuous Power Transformers Monitoring, Diagnostics and Life Management

Course Area : Mining, Oil & Gas, Operation & Maintenance, Power, Water
Duration: 3 days

A new perspective on transformer life management by monitoring and controlling moisture and oxygen of […]

Kuala Lumpur : 13th Jul, 2020 - 15th Jul, 2020

Relay Protection – HV and MV electrical system and equipment

Course Area : Mining, Power
Duration: 3 days

Expansion of the Big-Picture point of view of understanding and designing HV & MV electrical […]

Kuala Lumpur : 17th Feb, 2020 - 19th Feb, 2020

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